Luxury hotel in Provence

One of the oldest hotels in France

The house, built in 1580 and the former residence of the Marquis de Graveson, has a wealth of fascinating history.

Overlooking one of the most beautiful squares inAvignon and very close to the Rhone, the Hotel d’Europe’s long established reputation can best be explained when you remember that in the early 19th century, the most comfortable way to travel was by river because it allowed you to avoid the dust and discomfort of roads at that time.

Today’s clients appreciate this unique and bright setting, near the river and in the centre of the city. The Palais des Papes and the famous Saint-Bénezet bridge are synonymous with Avignon andthe most beautiful boutiques are just a stone’s throw away.

In the 16th the house was owned by several families from the Comtat Venaissin, the former papal state in Vaucluse and the most prominent was the Amat de Graveson family. This was where, in 1799, Madame Pierron created her hotel and, at the insistence of General Bonaparte himself, gave it the name it still bears today: Hôtel d’Europe. There are very few hotels in the world which would try to boast about such a long history! 

Lavish renovations in 1740 give it a majestic look, which has charmed many famous people down the years: Alphonse de Lamartine, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, John Stuart Mill, etc.

This important historic inheritance gives the Hotel d’Europe the advantage, in its rooms and public areas, of many perfectly preserved furnishings, fittings, pictures and antiques but, above all, the benefit of a unique ambience.

In the 20th century, many artists, film actors and Heads of State have added their names to the legend. Picasso and Salvador Dali were among our loyal customers in the postwar period. Jacqueline Kennedy chose to stay here during her last visit to her family’s homeland in 1993. The Presidents of India, Italy and France enjoyed the benefits of the luxurious suites on the 3rd floor.

Many other famous names in music, film, theater or painting could be added. The list would be long. And it gets longer, season after season.

The hotel featured in the first Michelin® Guide in 1900. Since then, it has appeared in every edition: the reputation of this luxurious hotel needs no introduction.